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Volunteer Application for Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue

Thank you for your interest in Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc. (YTNR)! We are always looking for good individuals with a love for our breed to volunteer their time, skills and talents to our efforts.

As an independent rescue system working in behalf of the Yorkshire Terrier breed, our volunteers work together to transport rescues to either their "foster homes" or to their new adoptive homes, and/or to foster them until they are ready for adoption. This may include actually rescuing them from shelters, abuse/neglect situations and owners who no longer want them.

We realize some people are not in a position to foster but want to help in some way. We also need people to sew, knit, crochet, provide artistic talents or bake items for our Country Store fund-raising effort, as well as to provide such talents to prepare items for care packages that we provide our new placement homes. And managing such a growing organization that is 100% volunteer run requires a great deal of administrative work. And so, computer skills always come in handy.

If you feel you can help in any of these efforts then we ask that you complete the volunteer application form. Please know that if you are interested in foster/transport aspect of volunteering, this process often has to be completed very quickly. Thus, we need responsible persons available who we know will strive to keep their focus on the safety, comfort and welfare of the Yorkie rescues being transported and cared for in our homes. In realizing that not every person on this team can be available, sometimes at a moments notice, all of the time, we do appreciate your volunteering for this very gratifying but time consuming endeavor.

As you move forward with the application please be sure to indicate whether you are interested in fostering/transporting AND/OR providing crafts and other skills. Once we receive your application, based on what you’ve selected you will receive further instructions.

Press the 'send' button when you are done. If the form isn't working, please just
e-mail us the information.

Through our unified teamwork and common desire to help these less fortunate Yorkies, we have been and will continue to be able to provide them with additional years of loving, caring homes, no matter what the distance. We look forward to working together with you as a dedicated rescue team member in the future.

ATTENTION: Volunteers needed right away! We are in desperate need for Volunteers in Georgia (many dogs are put down daily in this state due to the lack of Volunteers to help), California, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. We need Volunteers in other States as well, and all are welcome, however, the states listed above are in the greatest need.

Please Click here BEFORE
Filling out Form


E-mail is Required. Once you fill in all the required information, we will let you know that your form has been sent to a representative. (Please don't use a P.O. Box for addresses, we need an actual location)

(Please DO NOT hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
This will submit the form. You may use the tab button to go from question to question.)

Section I

Please check ONE box below before moving forward with the application:
I am interested in Fostering and/or Transporting Rescues ONLY.
(If so, do not complete section III)

I am interested in doing BOTH Fostering and Craft Volunteering.
(If so, complete entire application)

Name: Social Security #: Age Range:
Address: City: State: Zip:

Home phone: Work phone: Cellphone:
Fax: E-mail:
Your Profession:
Your work hours/ days a week:
Name of Spouse/Significant other:
Your Spouse's Profession:
Is your significant other willing to help us?/How?

Section II

Can we contact you at work in case of a Rescue Emergency?

Do you have children? If yes, what are their ages?

Driver License #:
State License Tag #: What State:
Make/color/tag of your auto:

Your Veterinarian: Phone:
Fax: Address:
City: State: Zip:

Groomer Name: Phone:
Fax: Address:
City: State: Zip:

Please list 2 personal references:

Reference 1
Name: Phone:
Cell: Address:
City: State: Zip:

Reference 2
Name: Phone:
Cell: Address:
City: State: Zip:

Previous Rescue Affiliation:
(this rescue experience is not required, but if a person is doing rescue or has done rescue work before, we would like to know of their affiliation.)

List any experience have you may have had working with dogs (animal behavior, medical and /or veterinary care)

What area you can cover:
What mile radius from your home
(please include towns/cities you are able to cover):

What are your preferences:

Are you willing to board a rescue overnight?
Do you need advance notice, and how much?
Are you able to foster for an extended time?
Is your residence a house/apt./condo?
Do you have an enclosed backyard at least 5' high?
Where will you keep your foster dog when you are not home?
Can you submit digital photos of your home and yard?
Are you restricted as to how many pets you can have?
Do you have accommodations for a rescue dog?

List current pets you now have:
Have you ever owned a Yorkshire Terrier?
If yes, what happened to it?

Section III

Please check the skills and talents below that you can offer:

Artistry (drawing, water colors, sculptures)
Writing for the Newsletter and Press Releases

Addition Comments:

Press send only once!

All rescues will be up to date with their shots and in good health before any transport. If this is not the case, you will be advised of this before you commit to transporting this dog. We will not put your pets at risk.

All information you give is strictly confidential and will not be shared with other members without your permission.

Please know that if you volunteer to foster and/or transport, we will ask you to contribute $25.00 for your major liability insurance coverage and YTNR's handbook materials and postage. This is a non-refundable one time fee. We will also ask you to sign a foster agreement. Further instructions on submitting these will follow after we receive your application.

Upon completion of your application process, you will be given a link to get into a restricted area on our website for members only and you will be able to read and/or print our handbook which includes our forms, have access to our computerized forms to be completed on your computer (we prefer that you use these forms and type the information onto the forms and then e-mail them as attachments to the appropriate person) as well as forms that you can print and handwrite the information in. All volunteers will also be added to our member information and chat lists.

Thank you for taking the time to apply!