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Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc.
Dink's Memorial Fund
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1065 Lewis Road
Chapmansboro, TN 37035


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Angel, Dolly, Teeco and Taz's Special Story

The doctor called this morning, Angel, Dolly, Taz and Teeco were all diagnosed with kennel cough. They all received their shots and were dewormed and sent home with medication also for the other five dogs at home. The total bill came to $735.04. Thank you for your support.

Angel Dolly, Teeco and Taz all need to see the vet they are all coughing and one of them has a growth on her back that needs to be looked at. Your donations will help YTNR continue to help dogs in desperate need of medical care.


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Granni's Special Story

Granni has a mammary tumor and is scheduled for surgery next week. Your donation to the Dinks Memorial Fund for Compassionate Care will help us continue to help these little dogs whose owners are in need of help.


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Angel's Special Story




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Jilli's Special Story

Jilli Dog at the University of Pennsylvania Jilli needed to go to the University of Pennsylvania for her kidney stones. Dinks Memorial Fund was able to help Rick pay this bill. Dr Chick Weiss determined that if kept on the proper diet over the next few months surgery would not be necessary. Advised to not offer cheese as treat for Jilli performing. The Staff at U PA was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and work with our little Jilli. Dr Weise playing poker with Jilli.


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Pansy's Special Story

Pansy is a five and a half year old Yorkie who weighs 2 pounds. I attempted to have her spayed at a year old and almost lost her. Her vet said "hopefully nothing ever goes wrong with Pansy because we never want to attempt to sedate her again". So Pansy has not had regular dentals for her whole life. Well, our worst fears came about this week when I took Pansy in on Wednesday for mouth pain.

Now, we had no choice but to do dental surgery and remove the teeth causing the many abcesses, and clear the infections from the bone. They did complete blood screenings to check her liver, kidney to check their functions and an EKG to check her heart function in preperation for the anesthesia. The surgery was scheduled for the next day. The abscesses had already caused her jaw to break. I am a widow on disability and barely make ends meet here and when he told me the costs of the procedure, I was devastated. There is no way I could pull that amount of money out of my monthly income in these hard winter months.

I am so thankful for the people in this group who can help me. I don't know what I would have done without your support.


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Shadow's Special Story

Update 7/1/08
Shadow went in this morning for his surgery and the doctor determined that there was not hernia but some fatty tissue instead. Shadow had a dental and had four teeth removed. He is recovering nicely at home. Thanks to everyone who donated to help Shadow. We collected $310 and his surgery was $228.58.

Shadow was rescued from a shelter and placed in his loving forever home a year ago. Just by looking at his picture you can see how much he is loved in his new and forever home.

Last week his mom discovered that he had a very serious lump and took him to the vet who told her that Shadow needs a hernia operation very badly. This type of hernia can be life threatening. Thank you for your donation to help us help dogs like Shadow.

We received donation for Shadow’s medical from SC Brown, Scarlett, Rhett and Hashi, Mary-Margaret, Elaine Leshnower, Barbara Shelton, Patricia Johnson, Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, Yvonne Tolley and the pack, Lisa and Lexi Owens, Suzanne Ditsler, Diane DeeWaard, John Lamanteer, Michele Dawn, James Debeck, Catherine MacMaster, Daphne Culver, Sherry Miller, Lynne Whited.


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Bentley's Special Story

Bentley was a good boy and went outside in his back yard to go potty, while he was there a deer jumped over the fence and kicked him in the chest. His mom heard him cry and ran to pick him up, the deer’s hoof had split his chest wide open and you could see his heart beating.

The emergency vet had taken an x-ray and it showed that he also had two broken ribs and it was highly unlikely that he would live through the night. Bentley’s mother is a single mom with two kids and her family helped as much as they could but the bill was nearing $1700.00 and the vet needed to be paid.

Dinks Fund was able to help and his mother will be making contributions every month to help put the money back into the fund. Your help with this bill will help this mother and these darling kids that love Bentley. Obviously he loves them because as you can see even stapled together he is so happy to see his kids so he really wants to get better.


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Makamae's Story

Makamae (precious) fell off a 4 ft deck and broke her front leg. She is having surgery and pins put in. She will be in a cast and need plenty of care for 6 weeks.

Donations Accepted


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Scrappy's Special Story

Scrappy, an 18-month-old intact male Yorkie, was brought in for anorexia and intermittant vomiting of several weeks' duration. The owners have had this dog for 3 months and there is a history of abuse at the previous owners'. The doctors believe he was hit by a car and she somehow knows that he was put in a basement in a box by the previous owner to recover and not taken to a vet before he was offered to her. His x-rays show that the ribs on one side of his body were broken and had healed incorrectly. He had the diaphragmatic hernia and his spleen, small intestine, right kidney, the fatty layer from the lower abdomen were in the chest cavity pushing a lung out of alignment. The doctors can’t believe this dog lived.

Scrappy will require surgery for repair of the hernia. As this is an old injury, it will probably require a mesh graft to close the defect. His prognosis is excellent with successful surgical repair. His owners are on social security and can’t afford this Surgery and need help.

We need to try to raise over $2,000 to help cover his surgery. Any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

3/31/2006 UPDATE:

Scrappy made it through surgery. One of his kidney's and his intestines were in the chest cavity and they were able to put them back and recluse the diaphragm. They were also able to put the lung back in position. I'm not sure if this is all the information but I wanted everyone to know that things were going well or so it seems. Thanks for all your help and prayers on this one. He's a very lucky little guy. More to come....

4/2/2006 UPDATE:

Mrs. Bush called me last night and she was absolutely delirious with joy about having Scrappy home and in her arms again. She told me he was sleeping a lot and not eating much but the doctors told her that this was to be expected at this point after such an extensive surgery. They could not believe that Scrappy lived through this much physical trauma to his body.

There were no adhesions from the intestines or other organs in the chest cavity but it was still a pure miracle that the doctors were able to move all of these important body parts back where they belong and reconstruct Scrappy’s diaphragm.

I wanted to thank you all again for all your love and financial support for this 18 month old baby. Here is an list of donors.

Ronnie Birdsong, Mary Schmidt, Terri Cooper Shardy, Donna Schmack-Rose, Virginia Smith, Susan Delany, Martell Roberts, Theresa Powell, Deborah Malloy, Kathryn Schuller, Suzanne Ditsler, Linda Bush, Jackie Barone, Gail Brady, ME Dugmore, Susan Sullivan, Diane Ross, Susan Zale, Laurel Sullivan, Cathy and Steve MacMaster, Barbara Buechele, Shannon Gelbart, Susan Schwarten, Giselle Ferguson

Together we have raised $2570.00 towards Scrappy’s surgery. The owners gave the vet $500 before the surgery and YTNR’s Dinks Fund gave a $300 grant to him. Dr Vogt predicted that the surgery could cost upward of $3000. I haven’t received the bill but when Dr Ferguson called me he said that when they sent the bill, they wanted YTNR to pay what people had donated and if there was any left over in the balance, they would write it off. They were very happy to have assisted us in helping Mrs. Bush and Scrappy and YTNR in this effort. I also want to thank those people who cook, sew, paint, draw, write or in any way donated of your “Time and Talent” we know who you are and we know that you were part of this effort.

Mary Elizabeth


You may donate money here to help replenish funds for future Surgeries:
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Kansas' Special Story

Kansas has/had Legges Perthes in both hips and it was diagnosised last month. Up until that point I thought he was a healthy 4 pound 10 month old Yorkie. Little did I know that once I discovered his limp, our lives were about to change forever.

Thanks to the generosity of YTNR, Kansas was able to have his surgery today to correct that awful disease. After 90 minute surgery was over the vet said this was the worse case of LP that he had ever seen. The doctor said his legs were in terrible condition and surgery had to be done. He was surprised that Kansas had even been able to walk little alone run, his legs were that bad.

Thanks to you and your organization, Kansas was able to have his lifesaving surgery today. As I write this he is in the hospital recovering and I’ll be able to bring him home tomorrow. According to Dr. Russell and several others who have seen dogs go through this horrific disease, I’ll have a different dog once he heals. The sad part is the pain from this major surgery is less than the pain he’s been feeling all his little life. I just want to cry everything I think of that.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your caring help. Even my vet was amazed at the help you’ve given to us making it possible to Kansas to receive the help he needed so desperately.

I only pray I can be of some help to someone else who finds themselves in a situation where their baby needs help. I can guarantee you YTNR has my full support from now on!

Please pass my heartfelt thanks on to your board members and let them know they are true angels – as you are!



You may donate money here to help replenish funds for future Surgeries:
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Andy's Special Story

We received a request for help from California to help Andy, a darling little yorkie whose owners found him in their backyard when they returned home from work. He had somehow contracted a severe case of hemorragic gastric enteritis, which can be deadly. His owners are not sure how this happened and had only been away from home for 4 hours. Rushed to the vet Andy was immediately put on IV fluids and remains in the hospital. The vet bills quickly soared to $2000. Please keep Charlie in your prayers. Your donations help us to continue helping these little dogs.


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Eyeson's Special Story

Eyeson's owner was in a very serious accident and was on life support at the hospital when a friend of the owner was notified that his yorkies had been taken to a local shelter. She went to pick them up and found them in the back of a horse trailer outside of the shelter and Eyeson's eye had come out of the socket during the accident.

The friend hadn't been able to find a veterinarian to take care of her because it wasn't her dog and she had no money. YTNR was able to find a veterinarian that would help but unfortunately he had to remove her eye because it had been unattended for so long.


You may donate money here to help replenish funds for future Surgeries:
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Sparky's Special Story

Please keep Sparky in your prayers today and in the days ahead also.

Sparky is a year and half old and weighs 2.2 pounds. He was out in his own back yard and got too close to the chain link fence that divides his yard with the neighbors yard and six dachshunds got a hold of his coat and they were trying to pull him through the fence and he couldn't get away. He is in desperate need of care and the owner is on social security. He has lost skin on his face and back and he is going to loose one of his ears. Sparky qualifies for our help under Dinks Memorial Fund for compassionate care. His medical care is going to cost over $10,000 dollars before this is over.

Sparky is still continuing to improve. He will need to have his right ear removed and part of his left ear removed. He will also need skin grafts.

The emergency care facility has sent Sparky home with his owner, to cut down on the expenses. His owner has to take him back to the vet every two days to have his bandages changed and new antibiotics applied to his wounds. The vet is charging the pet owner $68 per visit plus extras, so her vet bills continue to mount.

YTNR has sent Sparky Solid Gold food, Seameal supplement and Solid Gold Turkey Jerky for treats, a fleece blanket and a ruffle ball. We are hoping that the high quality food will help boost his immune system so that he doesn't get an infection and help keep him healthy.

Thanks to everyone for supporting this little guy with your donations and your prayers. You are an amazing group of people and can be proud that you were part of this effort to help Sparky.

We would like to thank the following people who have donated to help with Sparky's medical expenses.

Karen Houser, Bill Wynne, Samantha Craighead, Teresa Kroll, Lisa Messier, Jayne Crofoot, Lisa Browning, Lei Ruckle, Debbie Malloy, Gail Egounis, Sandi Ritchie, Katrina Hamilton, Patricia Johnson, Dan & Mary Elizabeth Dugmore, Karen Sargent, Lorna Wainwright, Laurel Sullivan, Rosemarie Cunningham, Chrissy Redhorn, Tena Williams, Paula Buckingham, Linda Davis, Jane Samuelson, Antoinette Lowery, Jessica Woods Robinson, Carla Sidwell, Tigger, Raider, Zeus and Tinkerbell, Celeste Hunt, Biatriz Fernandes, Debbie Devuono, Jackie Barone, Linda Beason, Deriane Galina, Arlene Gilbert, Wendy Ohlman, Lenore Miller, Terry Powell, Elizabeth and Robert Ledbetter, Katherine Martin and John Foran, Mary and Charles Schmidt, Kathryn Schuller, Stephi and David Luken, Jayne Crowfoot, Lisa and Stephen Melton, Diana Bruno, Judith Chisholm, Larry and Diane DeeWard, Virginia Isaacs, MIchael Markowski, Patrice Marrotta, Nicole Morris, Loretta Nells, Barbara Robertson, Terri Shardy, Susan Zale, and Suncoast Express International Inc..

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