Yorkie encephalitis: Daisy's Special Story


September 23, 2011
Daisy in Southern California We have an unusual request to help this little girl. Daisy has been diagnosed with extreme imbalance as a result of a problem with her brain. She is not able to stand, sit without support and rolls spastically over and over if she is not kept in a safe place. This condition could be caused by numerous situations in the inner ear, the transmitters from the ear to the cerebellum or the cerebellum itself...or from an infection in the brain. Our veterinarian specialist has recommended medication to treat infection. If after 2 weeks this is not effective she will need an MRI to diagnose the problem. Depending on a diagnosis there is certainly a possibility that Daisy could heal completely and lead a normal life. This diagnosis is imperative to determine Daisy's future.

When we first got Daisy into rescue, she could not hold her head up, she was starving to death because her uncaring provider did not take the time to make sure that she got food down her and she cried all the time. Although Daisy still has a long road ahead of her and perhaps one that is only a one-way street, she has made some strides…

Daisy can now hold up her head, she hungrily searches out her food and pushes herself up against the sides of her bed sometimes peering over the top. When she sees her caretaker her little stubby tail wags.

Update: 12/20/2011:
About 3 am this morning I heard a little cry from Daisy. She has been so quiet and peaceful for so long that a plaintive chirp means something to my ears. I took her from her carrier bed, wrapped her in her little blanket and put her in bed with me. Over the next 2 1/2 hours she was quiet except perhaps for 2 or 3 little peeps. About 5:30 she passed away.

Daisy was with me just short of 4 months. She weighed only 2.5 lbs but she had a huge will to succeed and be a real little dog. She finally lost that battle but she won the heart of me and others who were touched by her. My great thanks to those who shared their thoughts, suggestions, and caring with me. You know I think the world of each of you. My true appreciation to her veterinarian, Dr. Wayne Berry who gave his advice, time and gentle care to Daisy. She lived longer and happier because of his kindness. Thank you too Susan........you were really there for her and me.

Bless you each..........


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