Form 2 for Yorkie Encephalitis

Form 2 is for pets that are alive and being treated for encephalitis, including GME, NME, NLE or any other form of encephalitis.

Form 2 contains: a) instructions for sample collection and shipment, b) contact information for Dr. Barber and c) a list of records needed, such as medical history, MRI, blood tests, etc.

Your pet's DNA can be collected in one of two ways: from a small blood sample collected by your veterinarian (preferred) or from a cheek swab.

Blood sample
Have your veterinarian collect and ship your pet's blood to us. We need 2-3ml of blood in an EDTA tube. Blood can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week prior to shipment.

Cheek swab
If you would prefer to get a cheek swab for your pet, please contact Dr. Barber ( to acquire the necessary supplies and instructions.

Samples can be shipped at room temperature to:
Renee Barber
Department of Small Animal Medicine and Surgery
University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine
501 DW Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602

Please include complete medical records for the animal, including vaccination dates and manufacturers. Individual veterinarians will be responsible for obtaining permission to use the pet's tissues for genetics research. If needed, veterinarians can contact Dr. Renee Barber if they would like help developing a release form for owners to sign.

(These records are likely best supplied by the owner and the veterinarian. We understand that not all information is available on every animal.)

1. Form 3
2. Vaccination records
3. Pedigree (include all information available)
4. Seizure history
5. Treatment and condition progression
6. Neurological examination notes
7. Complete blood panel results, including:
a. CBC
b. Chemistry
c. Urinalysis
d. Bile acid test
e. Lactic acid test
f. Infectious disease titers
8. CSF results
9. MRI results (Generally, the facility that performed the MRI can provide a copy on CD.)

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