Liver Shunt Guidelines and Application Request for Funding

The YTNR Liver Shunt Fund Committee requires that anyone needing financial assistance for surgery must first issue a statement to us with your name, address and telephone number, along with the name and telephone number of your veterinarian who made the diagnosis using the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: We are sorry to report that we can no longer help with outside funding for liver shunts in Yorkshire Terriers. There just aren't enough donations coming in to build our fund up to the point where we can help the way we used to. There are so many requests coming in on a daily basis that there is no way we can keep up with them all. Liver shunt in all breeds is running rampant!

Our Yorkie Rescue is taking a few of these little liver shunt dogs into their care and paying for the surgery, there is an active group of volunteers that find homes with people that can afford to pay the medical costs of each dog as their adoption fee to replenish the account and keep it going. If you should decide that you would like to surrender your dog to rescue we can approach that committee and see if they are currently accepting any new dogs. We know that they too are working on extremely limited funds and are doing this now on a dog to dog basis depending on if the dogs that are ready for adoption have been adopted and the funds put back into the account. The dogs must stay in foster care for a minimum of three months after surgery for their Bile Acids tests to be re run and show that their ameroid constrictor is holding and the liver repairing itself before the dogs can go on to their new homes.

We know this is a heartbreaking situation for you and your family and we're so sorry we can't do more right now. Even the grants that we used to get from supporting company's have been so greatly reduced that we have had to completely stop some of the programs we had high hopes for helping the public with. We also have a support group if you would like to join and discuss medically managing your pet until you have had time to make an informed decision please consider joining us by
E-Mailing us here.

If you absolutely can't come up with the money for the surgery please consider letting us know that you would like us to solicit help for her.

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue (click here to request information on surrendering your pet)

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