Canine DNA configuration project for HEALTHY Dogs only

Univ of California - Davis Research Project

A Canine DNA configuration project is a continued work in progress. This is a request for additional collection of mouth swabs for DNA identification in dogs, with comparison studies of all types of dogs and related animals. A mapping project that will SOMEDAY lead to a completed genetic code for dogs.

Please take the time and effort to enter any LISTED dog who lives with you. Please order kits for your friends and neighbors with identical breeds of dogs as noted. Please note that health status is not a requirement. There are no age limits. Health issues CANNOT be identified in this basic mapping. Consider ordering kits for you dog club or Veterinary practice to share with the owners of breeds where deficits are noted.

We need to identify the DNA, learn its code BEFORE we can ever repair it's deficits.

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UC DAVIS is working in conjunction with AKC Canine Health Research to establish the normal DNA for healthy dogs. You can send for the swabs and help by being a part of this data base collection by going to and applying for the swabs for your dogs. Additional information is at

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