Buying a Puppy from the Newspaper...

If you start looking for puppies in the newspaper you are going to encounter a larger variety of backyard breeders as well as puppy mills. So it would be a good idea to check these places out very carefully.

Animal breeding can be a cottage industry for some, so beware of places with lots of dogs and multiple breeds & species. ie dogs & cats. Most of these people breed purely for money and they don't know anything about breeding. They are getting genetic defects that will cause you heartache and grief down the line. They sell puppies that have skin deseases such as ring worm. They sell puppies that have not had their shots and even if they get sick within a few days after you have taken them home they will not stand behind their agreement.

Before you go to a place you've found in the paper check and see if there are any other breeds for sale with the same phone number with them. They will put in different ads for different breeds. Yorkies, ShiTzu's, Poodles, Maltese, Poms. And check the cat section too. If you find that they are selling more than one breed don't even go there. You're asking for trouble if you do. If you find one you feel you'd like to check out and they bring out a couple of really cute and adorable little puppies insist on seeing the Mother. They could have gone and bought it from somewhere else so insist on seeing their other dogs. Or don't buy one from them.

Do not buy a Yorkie Poo, a Yorkie Peek, or any other cross bred dog. We don't care what they call it It's a Mutt and you should not pay any money for a Mutt! Do not buy a Brugandy, Chocolate, Gold, Mahogany or any other color of Yorkie. There is no such thing. These dogs are misbred and not a rare color and it's unallowable with AKC and you are being scammed!!!

Check the weight of a puppy you're buying they are all small at 6 -10 weeks old and two years later you may end up with a 14 pound dog. A 6 pound female bred to a 14 pound dog will produce a 14 pound dog. You can bet on it. So see the dogs on the premises and if they won't show them to you, just leave!!!

There is no such thing as a TeaCup Yorkie!!! If someone is advertising a teacup don't go there. A reputable breeder will not advertise one of their tiny puppies as a teacup and if they are breeding for that size you can bet you bottom dollar you've a good chance of getting some health and genetic defects along with that puppy.

Check for cleanliness and odors in the house around the house and on the puppy's you're looking at. And by all means if you do buy a puppy from one of these places get a written guarantee. There are contract on the index that you can copy and take with you. If someone refuses to sign it then you know you're in the wrong place. Leave.

Truth in Advertising On The Web

Recently I became aware of a web site that had some ads with yorkies for sale. Classified Ads 2000 I believe but that is beside the point.

As many people now are using the web to search for a new puppy, I would like to point out that just because a person has a picture of a dog that they say is the sire/dam of the puppies, does not mean it is true.

Here are the facts:
This advertisment was for a "tiny teacup female yorkie" sire pictured. Well I immediately recognized this picture as a dog I personally had bred to, knew the owner of the dog quite well, and also knew the breeder. This dog at this time would be 13 or 14. Well, someone else wrote to the advertiser, the advertiser responded that "yes, that is the sire, MY International Champion imported from Canada." At no time did the advertiser identify the dog. However, the proofs of the orginal photo shoot along with 30,000 copies of a product brochure that bears this same wonderful picture of a yorkshire terrier freestacking is the property of Sandy Lemire of Sensational Products, "Coat Handler". The advertiser has removed their ads that showed this picture - but I would expect the same advertiser to resurface again and in many different places. This same advertiser has many breeds for sale as well as horses and goats. And several different e-mail addresses and screennames, but they are all in Forest, Virginia.

This really pointed out to me that just because a web site has a "picture" of a dog they say belongs to them, doesn't mean it is so. Pictures are easy to copy, as is some art work from web pages. It's all a matter of integrity, and personal ethics. This is another issue of "Buyers Beware". Very sad.

In this particular case, this advertiser has never identified the dog, claims still that it is a picture of her International Champion, etc. etc. This will not be the end of this I'm sure.


Buying A Puppy On the Web

Hi, We just had a horrible experience with buying a 2 year old yorkie off the internet at . We have a 8 year old little boy that we wanted to reproduce so we bought this young lady to love and have a litter of pups. She was advertised as a breeder that had just had a litter of four pups and she had been a great mom. We sent her by Western Union $2000.00 for this young lady. We never discussed a time limit to return her or if we did not like her what we would do. I know that was completely wrong on my part. I have never done this sort of thing and I am a very trusting person. We picked up the little one from the airport( We paid $300.00) to have her shipped to our airport. She appeared to be very shy and scared. She was a pretty little girl. This was on Wednesday. I made her an appointment with my vet for Today which is Monday. I wanted to let her get adjusted to our home and us to her. I sent her and my little fellow to our groomer and she discovered a bad scar on her tummy when grooming her. The seller never told me she had a C section. I called her and she said you know I told you that she had to have a C section,that she could not deliver on her own. She NEVER told me any such thing. I never would buy a dog to breed that had had problems. My vet would advise me not to breed her. She is eaten up with bad skin disorder and ear mites and only God knows what else. Her vet visit is today we will see. The breeder says sorry she is yours not my worry. She is not concerned about this little ones health. She said just go ahead and breed her she may not have to have a C section the next time. I told her I was going to send her back to her and I expected my money returned and she said if I did the dog would stay at the airport she had no intentions of going to pick her up. This is the kind of things that goes on the internet. $2000.00 later I have really learned my lesson. I guess I will keep her and give her the love she deserves and spay her. What would you advise? I am in South Carolina and she is in Ohio. She still has dogs for sale all over the internet. We talked many times over the phone and she seems so etical but she really became a beast when we wanted our money back and to return the dog to her. Thanks for your time.


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