Contract for Sale of a Companion Dog

Here is a contract for buying a companion dog that you might like to copy or print out and take with you when buying a puppy or if you are a breeder, you could use one of these. If the breeder will not sign it then you are in the wrong place!

Contract and Bill of Sale * Companion Dog

Section A. Buyer Identification Date of Sale______________ Seller: ________________________ Buyer: __________________ Address: _______________________ Address: ________________ _______________________ ________________ Telephone: _____________________ Telephone: ______________ Purchase Price of Dog: _________ Deposit Amt:_____________ Section B. Pet Identification Breed___________________________ Color: __________________ Sex (Circle one) M F Reg #____________________ Reg Name of Dog: _______________ Date of Birth: __________ Sire____________________________ #________________________ Dam_____________________________ #________________________ Weight of puppy at time of sale: __________________________ Section C. Guarantee
Companion Dog Guarantee
"Companion Dog" means this animal is sold as a pet rather than for breeding or show purposes. No warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied are made under this contract except as stated below. 1. Pedigree is correct and given at time of sale. All COMPANION DOGS sold by this breeder are sold using the AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION option of the AKC DOG REGISTRATION APPLICATION (blue slip)unless otherwise stipulated in writing in SECTION C - #8 of this contract. 2. Agreement for SPAY/NEUTER before the AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION certificate is issued: YES _____ NO _______ 3. The health of this animal is guaranteed for TEN working days through examination by a Veterinarian at the option of expense of the buyer. If the dog is found to be of unsatisfactory health and written documentation of the condition is presented, the seller shall refund 100% of purchase price provided dog and registration papers are returned to the seller. 4. This animal is guaranteed to be free of hereditary crippling/disabling defects visible by 24 months of age. Determination of constitutes a hereditary defect is to be made by the unanimous agreement of two Veterinarians agreeable to both parties. One of these Vets is to be a tenured faculty member of an accredited University Veterinary Teaching Hospital or Board Certified in the applicable specialty. Cost of the opinions is to be assumed by the buyer. The seller shall: a. Replace with the next available like prospect provided the living dog and its registration papers are returned to seller. or b. Refund of 100% provided the living dog and its registration papers are returned to seller. 5. If Buyer decides to sell or otherwise dispose of the dog, Seller has the right to first refusal. 6. Buyer agrees to: Annual veterinary checkups, including heartworm check; to keep all immunizations current according to AVMA guidelines; to properly administer heartworm prevention; to provide adequate housing according to state law; to confine the animal to a fenced yard or kennel run or walk on a leash but not restrain on a rope or chain. 7. If a heartworm preventative containing Ivermectin (Heart Guard) is given to a puppy weighing less then 4 lbs. All Health Guarantees are void. The recommended preventative for all size Yorkies is Interceptor (Ciba-Goigy). 8. No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except those stated as follows: ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Section D. Alteration Explanations and Agreement
Why Spay and Neuter?
COMPANION QUALITY DOGS come from the same litter as our breeding and show prospects and are placed only in good family homes. Spaying or neutering your pet will stop many future problems and will give your pet a longer, happier and healthier life. ALTERATION AGREEMENT: My purpose for purchasing this purebred dog is for companionship only. Since it was sold as a companion and nott for breeding or exhibition in conformation, I agree to have this dog altered (SPAYED NEUUTERED) at or between the ages of ______ months and ______ months. The AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION form will be withheld untill the seller receives a statement verifying the alteration from the veterinarian performing the surgery. FAILURE TO HAVE DOG ALTERED WITHIN THE AGREED TIME PERIOD VOIDS ALL GUARANTEES AFTER ONE YEAR OF DATE OF SALE! The AKC REGISTRATION APPLICATION is valid for ONLY ONE YEAR from the date on which it was issued. Most are issued withing 2 months of your puppies birth. It will be valid until your pet is approx. 14 months of age. If you are interested in registering your pet, PLEASE have your pet altered at the recommended age. By doing so you will have plenty of time to send me verification of spay/neuter, receive back your blue slip and submit it to the AKC. NO REMINDERS WILL BE SENT OUT SO PLEASE MARK THESE DATES ON YOUR CALENDAR! SELLER_________________________ BUYER________________________ DATED _________________________ DATED________________________

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