State Laws Reguarding the Sales of Dogs

Here are the different Laws for each State concerning the Sales of dogs. We do not have them all yet so if you have something on the laws of a State that we are missing, please send us the information to add here!

Minnesota- The Minnesota Statues section 2, subdivision 3 of this statue stipulates that the AKC Registration papers must be delivered to the Buyer within 90 days of final payment. However, for some puppies the 90 day time limit will not be a long enough time for the puppy to mature to an age nad size at which it can be altered. This is often true in the case of a small female or a male puppy that has a retained testicle. If you, the buyer, choose to delay your pets Spay/Neuter surgery for more then 990 days following the purchase it is with an understanding of and in agreement with the Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association Contract to withhold the AKC Registration Certificate or application Certificate until proof of Alteration is received by the Seller.

Minnesota Purebred Dog Breeders Association is concerned with all purebred dogs. We ask new owners to be aware of the pet population problems and to train your dog to be a good neighbor. MPDBA is interested in protection and improving purebred dogs and the individual breeds by using the standards of the AKC to guide us in improving our dogs via good breeding programs.

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