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My name is Augie; this is what I understand happened to me, a representative from YTNR adopted me to a family in 2004. I think I was happy there and I thought my family was happy. Something awful happened to me, I really don't know what happened or how it happened but I ended up on the streets of Calumet Illinois. I don't know how long I was running the streets all alone and very unhappy. I may have been hungry too but I don't know that either. The dog catcher found me and took me to a safe place, they said I wanted to eat everything in sight I don't remember that either. I suppose I don't remember much because I am in such a good place now in my senior years after I am about 10 years old now. Back to my story, because I had a micro chip the shelter found YTNR and that's when things started looking up for me again. The sweet lady from YTNR came and picked me up from the shelter. She said I had not been taken very good care of or I had been on the streets for a long time. I was dirty, matted, and oh boy my nails were so long they were almost into my pads. This sweet lady took me to what they call a groomer. AHHHHHHHHHH did it ever feel good to be clean again, but I was a little embarrassed I didn't have any hair left. But the lady still thought I was the cutest little old man Yorkie she ever saw. After being with her for a few days she praised me so much for being such a good boy I guess I was doing everything right.

Well let me tell you I have been with Thelma, my new Mom, for awhile now and I could not be happier. She thinks I am the greatest thing that ever happened to her, says I am the most perfect pet she has ever had. Sometimes she complains that I kiss her to death; but you know I am not going to stop because I am happy now and I want to let her know it. She loves my kisses too, she just does not want to let on. I am a spoiled, pampered old man; all is good with the world.

PS I for got to tell you my name is not Augie anymore I am proud to say my name is Chipper.