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My name is Fenway and this is my story how I arrived at my forever home.

On Christmas Eve 2009, my owner dropped me off at my foster mother's home. I was passed into her arms with a kiss and the parting words of, "Bye Fenway". I struggled to go with my owner as she walked out the door without a backwards glance.

My foster mother had her Christmas tree in the living room. I jumped onto the couch and sat on the top where I could look out the windows and watch for my owner's return.

I waited and waited. Finally, Archie, my foster' mother's Maltipoo, jumped onto the couch to make me feel better. He wanted to play, but how could I play. My heart was so sad, it was Christmas Eve. I was should be home with my family - not with these strangers. My foster mom set out a dish with food. I refused to eat. I only left that couch to go potty. I waited all night for my owner's return.

But, I just couldn't.

Finally, I had to face the facts. Life as I knew it was over. I began to follow my foster mom. I started to sleep on her bed along with my foster dad & Archie.

Then one day my foster mom was speaking with her sister on the phone talking about how she had posted my story on the National Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Website. Her sister went to the site, and said, "I want to adopt Fenway". I may be the shortest posted adoption story.

My new mom drove six hours to meet me. It was love at first sight for her, but it took me some time. She noticed that I was having problems with my ears. A quick trip to the Vet's office confirmed that I had a bad ear infection that required an ear wash twice a day and ointment. I was slowly adjusting to her, and then it was time for us to leave my foster mom's home. We traveled six hours to Bishop, California. I sat on my new mom's lap the entire trip. When we arrived home, I met my foster dad; I greeted him with a growl and a show of my teeth.

I had my follow-up appointment with my new veterinarian, Dr. Nicki Milici. Dr. Milici noticed my dry skin condition and prescribed medicated shampoo that leaves my skin moisturized and my fur soft. My mom also scheduled an appointment for a teeth cleaning. The assistant told my mom that she had never seen such a build-up. I had several teeth extracted. My mom now brushes my teeth and prepares special dental water for me to drink to preserve my remaining teeth. I now have a much healthier live style that includes hiking. The picture below is a photo taken at Silver Lake, California. We went camping for the week.

When I had been at my new home for about a month, my foster mom came to visit her sister, my new mom. She brought Archie along, I was so happy to see them both. I immediately had Archie follow me upstairs to show off my bedroom.

I am so happy with my new parents in my forever home. I have a special spot to sit with mom in her chair. When my parents come home, I always let them know how much I missed them. I give lots of kisses.

My mom has a special purse that I go into and can go everywhere with her. I have even gone to our local community theater production of South Pacific.

Mom enjoys quilting and I have a special spot on her quilting table that has my extra bed. The hum of that sewing machine always lulls me to sleep.

There is a saying that when a door closes, another will open. When my former owner closed that door, my new parents opened a door to a world filled with love and companionship that will last forever.