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2014 SMOKY AWARDS 2012 Second Runner Up



My name is Gidget and I would like to nominate myself for the 2012 Smoky Award. I am one of a litter of three born in a kill shelter. My mother (Lily) lived in a shed and was caged along with ten goats, four pot-belly pigs, six birds, eighteen chickens, and thirty-five other dogs. All the animals, including my mother, were fed pig food.

A few weeks before our birth, Animal Control came and brought all the animals to various shelters. The house, trailers, and sheds were condemned on February 4, 2011 and they bulldozed on February 15th. A few weeks after arriving at the kill shelter, my mother gave birth to me and my siblings, Dandelion and Petunia, on a cold hard cement floor. They never provided us with blankets or towels, and we were always shivering.

We all would have been put to sleep had we remained in this shelter, but fortunately, Debi Coburn, a benevolent woman from the Yorkie Rescue Mission, fought relentlessly to save us. She was so worried that we would get parvovirus or distemper. Our feet and fur were covered in excrement. She finally won and was able to bring us to her home ten days after we were born. It took hours and hours to get us clean. She was so nurturing to us, showering us with love and tenderness. She even rocked us to sleep at night and to this very day; I still love to be rocked. My life had vastly improved, but little did I know it was about to get even better!

In July, 2011, when I was four months old, I was adopted from Debi by a lovely lady named Iris (which was my original name, so she renamed me Gidget). We spent the entire summer together, along with my new Auntie Carol who lives right next door. In September, when my mommy went back to work, my Auntie Carol would come over everyday to feed me my lunch, change my pad and play with me. She would also give me a tummy rub, which I just relished and lots of kisses; nonetheless, I longed for my mommy terribly. I sometimes acted out by chewing the woodwork, nibbling on the verticals, or some other form of mischief which caused my mommy to enroll me in obedience training. I have since graduated from advanced class. It worked out for the best because my trainer, Jayme, has become my best friend. In fact, he was the first to friend me on my Facebook page. Not only that, but mommy actually quit her job this past February to spend her days with me! She said she had as much separation anxiety as I did.

I am such a spoiled diva! I have a pink stroller for shopping, lots of toys, and my very own closet full of dresses, sweaters and T-shirts. Everyday my mommy cooks breakfast and dinner for me, usually chicken, turkey, or steak with a side of green beans and/or sweet potato and of course, a few of my dog kibbles. We go for strolls in the park, and then we come home and play with my toys. My mommy has made me two parties already this year which consisted of my birthday party and my adoption anniversary party. I can't wait for Christmas! I am such a lucky dog! Indeed, I have my mommy (and my auntie) wrapped around my little paw!

I often think of my birth family. Lily and Dandelion were adopted before me and went to live in California. Petunia was the last to be adopted and she now lives in Arizona. I hope their lives are as good as mine. My mommy says that she has never known love like this before…neither have I. I wouldn't trade this life for any bone in the world!!!!