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In January, 2012, YTNR received an adorable 8 week old Yorkie mix. This puppy was very sick, she had a "persistent aortic arch". This is a condition that occurs in puppies when a structure like ligament entraps the esophagus by the aorta where it leaves the heart. Imagine it being like a rubber band wrapped around your esophagus and not allowing the food to pass into your stomach. When this happens, the esophagus can be destroyed by it being stretched out 2 to 3 times it normal size.

Willow was not able to eat normally; this problem caused poor Willow to regurgitate her food when she did eat. It was decided that we were going to give this beautiful puppy a chance in live and get her, her forever home. Willow was flown from Indiana to the University of Tennessee to have this life saving surgery.

Willow survived this very delicate surgery and her recovery was very difficult, but Willow is a fighter, must be the Yorkie in her, and she managed to show improvement. Each day was an uphill battle for her. Her meals had to be watered down to a consistency of soup and fed a teaspoon at a time. Even the tiniest piece of rice would be a problem. She had to be held upright for at least 15 minutes after each feeding. By June, 2012, she still had to have food that was very watery and still had to stay upright for at least 15 minutes along with 6 different medications.

Willow was adopted, by a very special lady, Erin Thornton and her family. Erin too has some problems and Willow is her nurse now. She brings great joy and love to Erin and in return they love her dearly. Willow has overcome great difficulty and now with her family she is able to have a happy and full life.

Attached also are some pictures of Willow beginning her journey to health and healing. Also see the you tube video of how Willow has grown and how joyful she is. God definitely had his hand on Willow.