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2013 SMOKY AWARD 1st Runner Up



Dear YTNR, I am writing to nominate myself for the SMOKEY award. It may seem arrogant but I love to share my "forever story". I would like to start at the beginning of my journey as much as I can recall. My name is Jasper and I am originally from Edmonton Kentucky. I have a lot of secrets so I can will start with the phone call the Humane society placed to my foster parents Karen and Anthony Simone. I am not sure if you all know them but Karen is a YTNR representative in Kentucky who foster's Yorkshire terriers. She came to the Humane Society one afternoon and rescued me. One of my secrets that I will share is I tended to run away if there was an open door. Karen is pretty sure that is how I ended up at the Humane Society. My first family did not contact her so that is when my fostering began. Karen and Anthony welcomed me into their home with open arms and it was a great place. They have six other dogs and lots of cats. My foster home was a nice farm with lots of room for me to roam. I was getting along great with them until the oddest thing happened. I heard Karen and Anthony talking about this dog named Lulu. I knew she had to be great dog because we can sense that sort of thing!

One day the phone rang Karen teared up during the conversation in July. I heard her talking with Lulu's forever Mom. They spoke of Lulu and I knew Lisa was coming to visit. As the car pulled up from Tennessee Karen and Lisa hugged each other and laughed and cried. Soon after that they spoke of Lulu but what I did not realize was Lulu had passed away and they were celebrating Lulu's life together at her funeral. Anthony had dug a place in the ground beside of Lulu's favorite tree and they placed Lulu's fragile body in the ground. Beautiful flowers were placed on her grave and the whole family again laughed and cried. Karen had assured Lisa and her family that coming to bring Lulu back to the KY farm would be peaceful for all of them. The family ate a meal that Karen had prepared and I was so good. I always knew that Anthony would give me a morsel of food as long as there was no begging during the human meal. As Anthony cleared the table, Lisa and her family sat in the den. I was so excited that her family sat on the floor with ME!.. I noticed that Lisa had leaking eyes so I gave her kisses that she would never forget. What a day for me! So many new humans and so much attention. I could tell that Lisa's mind was wandering after the meal. She asked her husband Greg to step outside so they could talk. Again, I had no idea what was about to happen. They came back inside and asked Karen about adopting me. She offered to keep me so that they could think about it and even offered to drive me to Tennessee. Karen is very careful with her forever families and a lot of people had come to meet me. Well, I had won their hearts and we were brought together all because they had loved Lulu so deeply. I had my NEW whole forever family to ride to back to Tennessee with.

As you all know dogs are gifts to our humans and Karen assured my NEW forever family that I was the last gift from Lulu who had given them all so much. I know live in Murfreesboro Tennessee with my three cat brothers. I am the only dog but that is fine with me. I get lots of human attention. My forever parents work sometimes at night and you might think that would be a problem. Oh no! They take me for a car ride and I spend the night with my forever Gran. She loves my kisses and has special treats for me. I also have two human cousins named Stephen and Ellen who love me. They are at Gran's a lot on the weekends.

So, this is my forever story for now! I would like to dedicate my nomination to Karen and Anthony Simone for all they do for YTNR. Adding to that in memory of the forever sister I hear so much about. Precious Lulu….

Hugs and kisses,
Jasper Stoddard, Approx 3 yo male Yorkie rescued by Karen and Anthony Simone
Forever Family, Greg and Lisa Stoddard