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Once upon a time there was a little 6 lb Yorkie girl about 10 years old and blind that was dropped as a "stray" to the Santa Cruz shelter. Little did she know that I was looking to get Mom a cute little Yorkie- she had always wanted one. Mom had open heart surgery earlier in the year and I wanted to give her everything she wanted. I submitted an application via the website but unfortunately that Yorkie had been adopted already. But as things should work out, I got a call from the Southern California YTNR representative - Patti. After a wonderful conversation, in which I let her know we were open to getting a yorkie of any age, sex, medical condition, etc. We loved the seniors and thought they were very special.

Patti , knew of this little girl and had photos emailed to us. Little girl was in quite a state, in a little box of a cage - if you could call it that. Were we willing to adopt her --- absolutely, looking at that face who could resist. Emails were sent, photos went back and forth. This little girl was to be euthanized the next day if we had said no. We were absolutely excited. We named her Maisey, this 10+ year old girl who had never been spayed, who had terrible teeth, was blind from severe cataracts, and had a mammary tumor.

Everything was set in motion, she was pulled from Santa Cruz and they provided a voucher for vet services to dental and spay. She got a good bath after being at the shelter she had a bit of a stink so I was told. Not surprising she had been in a tiny cage with no where other than that space to do her business.

She was to be transported to Southern California after her dental and spay which was to happen within a few days. However, after being seen by the Northern California Vet it was determined she had gotten Kennel Cough and the dental and spay would need to be delayed. She was also found to have a heart murmur. The transport had been set up for that weekend and if we waited for the procedures to be done in Northern California we didn't know when we would be able to get her.

We opted to take her and treat her and get her dental and spay and mass removal done when she was over her kennel cough. So down she came and we met her in Orange County. Love at first site. Kisses for everyone. What a love.

That was January, since that time she has had her dental - still has teeth and a very healthy, hearty appetite. She may be blind but she can smell her food and barks to let us know she is ready to eat. She has her own high chair at the dinner table. She was spayed, and a mammary tumor removed. She was placed on heart medicine for her murmur and does wonderfully. We take her out in the yard and we smile at her as she "walks to china", she goes and goes like the energizer rabbit. She barks when she wants something. She knows how to go out the sliding glass door to our enclosed patio to do her business (when not in the yard with us) and is able to find her way back in. And the cutest thing after she does her business she kicks at the ground, letting everyone know what she did. She is very smart and has us wrapped around her little paw. She loves to camp out in a very big round bed during the day in the TV room; snuggling up to the sides of it. Oh yes and her wardrobe - dress after dress she is quite the fashionista. She loves the attention she gets and deserves. We can't imagine life without this little girl who almost left this world but for the wonderful YTNR person Patti who knew we were the match for her. We look forward to the years we have together they may not be a large quantity but the quality is there and we appreciate every moment we have with her. So we all have our happy ever after !!!

Thank you
Sylvia Gyimesi