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Pepper - The Miracle Story

Pepper was surrendered to YTNR from her owner who did not have time to care for her. Her owner had a three year old daughter who had dropped Pepper down the stairs and fractured her hip. The owner did not tell YTNR about the injury and it was noticed when she first came to her foster home and could not use her leg. Pepper had a hard beginning after being purchased at a pet store and was not gaining weight as a young puppy. She was 6 months old and only weighed 1.5 pounds. The vet told her former owner to put her on baby cereal which helped her gain up to 31/2 pounds which she weighed when she came into yorkie rescue on January 1st. She was taken to the YTNR vet on January 2 and diagnosed with a hip fracture requiring immediate surgery. Pepper had a hard time eating following surgery and got frequent diarrhea. We finally found a food that agreed with her and added chicken to help her hip mend. After a few days she started her rehab which involved ice packs followed by warm packs and range of motion exercises three times a day. Pepper had a strong will to survive and she was a trooper during her rehab which was painful.

Once Pepper's hip began to heal, she accompanied us to a fund raising event at Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company. YTNR was collecting donations and selling booklets for the Carson's Community Days sale. We were there about an hour when Renee and Jeff walked into the store and immediately feel in love with little Pepper. We set up a home visit 4 days later and Pepper joined her forever family that day.

Pepper immediately captured our hearts when we saw her that day at Carson's dept store. The wonderful folks at YTNR were at the entrance with a few of the adoptive dogs including our very small yorkie angel named Pepper. I was able to hold Pepper in my arms and knew immediately that I needed to be her new mommy. I had never had a dog, so this was really a special moment for my husband to see how much I loved Pepper. She was only 3 1/2 lbs and still recovering from her serious hip surgery. We discussed Pepper on our drive home from the store and immediately filled out the adoption application and said a prayer that she would join our family.

Pepper has been a total joy for us every day. She has made a terrific recovery, and now weighs a healthy lbs. Like most dogs, she loves to get her naps in during the day but her snoring can be incredible! She loves to help out in the flower garden, bringing us all the flowers that fell off the plants or ones that "almost" fell off. Pepper is a social butterfly, everyone we meet seems to fall in love with her cheery personality and awesome kisses. She loves to go shopping with me and fits nicely in my bag. I love to buy my little girl cute puppy dresses. We thank God that we found this little angel and for the wonderful folks that saved her life.

Jeff and Renee Stytz