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Safari's Special Story


Update: 9/1/15
She is still doing well and is as spunky as ever. She is such a happy dog and loves to be on the go. I am using the Amega wand on her every day and she is still getting her laser treatments. I was a little afraid to stop going to the laser treatment because they do help her. I have just recently found someone in San Diego that knows a lot about the wand and I am going to try to meet with him so I can get some more information about the wand and see what he thinks I can expect from the wand for safari.


September 2014:
Many of you have asked when Safari will be ready for adoption. Due to her tiny size and health issues, we have decided that Safari will not be placed for adoption. She is getting excellent care and will have access to Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue donated funds for her lifetime. Safari is a very happy and active little girl. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Safari's health.

October 2013:
Safari had a seizure yesterday and she is in the hospital again. All of her blood work came back normal and the doctors believe that the seizure was related to her hydrocephalus. She rested well all night without another seizure and I'm waiting to hear from her doctor this morning.

July 22, 2013:
Today marks one week post-surgery. This dental has been nothing short of remarkable for Safari. To say the odds were stacked against her going into this surgery is an understatement, but it was a necessary step to give our little munchkin a chance at a healthy life. Her weight is back up, and today is her last day of antibiotics. Her foster mom took a peek inside of her mouth a little scared of what she might find. Iím happy to report there is no redness or swelling, just gums that look completely normal! Of course, she will be seen by the vet who performed her surgery a week from today for follow-up, and we will provide an update then.


Safari is 7 yrs old, was born prematurely and as a result has Open Fontanelle and a deformity of her back legs which she has adapted to and gets along fine. As a result of bad breeders she has these genetic problems and lack of care, her teeth are so infected that it now involves her sinus and eyes. It is a concern that the infection has spread to her organs and hopefully has not damaged them. Without a dental she will become septic and this can be fatal. Her doctor said her dental bill will be from $1600 to $2100.

Won't you please help us help Safari and any donation is greatly appreciated.

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