Purses, Jewelry, Key Chains and Pins

Key Chain
Paw Print Key Chain - $10.00

With Spinning Yorkie

Yorkie Pin
YTNR Rescue Pin - $5.00 each

Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue
Cloisonné lapel pin 7/8"

Wooden Key Chains - $7.00
Artwork by Chuck Brown

These are the last of this item that he is making. Once they are gone, there won't be anymore.
Angel Pin
Angel Pin for Liver Shunt

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LS Pin
Liver Shunt Awareness pin - $5.50 each

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Key Chain
Yorkie Love Key Chain - $18.00

Angel Yorkies & Hearts

Add a Charm
Nana's Yorkie Add-a-charm - $13.50

A Heavenly Yorkie

Spring Handbag - $90.00

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