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Grooming bags

Puppy Le’ Pew Grooming Bag - $45.00

You will be proud to carry this beautiful Grooming Bag with you everywhere you go with your pet.

Fabric—quilted on both sides, with contrast fabric inside
6 outside pockets (3 front & 3 back) very roomy inside to carry
all your pet needs, and handle of nylon webbing for easy carrying.
Washable Special order only Fabric pattern and color may change with availability fabric Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery Top Knot Approved

Top Knot dvd
Top Knot DVD - $39.95
Like the Show Dogs wear
3 available

Dog Bowls
Dinning Bowls - $25.00 for the set
3 Piece set is available in Brown or Pink

Ruffle Balls
Ruffle Balls - $3.00 Each
Fun for your dog to play with!

Oh My Dog
Oh My Dog Perfume - $25.00
Oh My Dog Spray Mist $15.00

Outstanding perfume-maker, Bernard Ellena of the Dragoco Company, composed Oh My Dog ! with fond talent. He painstakingly chose each ingredient, in order to make these furtive moments of complicity between two - and four-legged beings last, and carefully avoided odors likely to disturb the animal's sense of smell. As the head note, like his pink, turned back ear that his master flips right side out, the freshness of Rose Wood and the happy yapping of Orange leaves.

As heart notes, a desire to frisk about...
A water-floral effect to reinforce the innocent and clean aspect. And to flatter his naturalgormandizese (and ours) a marriage of Osmanthus and Freesia, which invites serious tickling.

As base notes, the cuddle...
Bright notes "wrapped" in vanilla that breathes tenderness.

Pet oral Hygiene Solution
4 oz Pet oral Hygiene Solution with Pump Spray - $7.50
16 oz Pet oral Hygiene Solution - $13.50

8 oz Pet Shampoo - 14.00

Pet bad breath can keep you from being close to the animal you love. But doggie breath can also be a symptom of a more serious problem. It is estimated that 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease. a serious deterioration of the gums and supporting bones of the teeth.

Left unchecked, the resulting bacteria can enter the bloodstream, causing infection or damage to the vital organs such as the kidneys, lungs, heart or liver. Proper pet oral health may extend the life of your pet by two to five years. Oxyfresh offers simple, effective oral hygiene for your pet, starting with Pet Oral Hygiene Solution. This tasteless odorless solution is easily added to your pet's drinking water to promote healthy gums and eliminate bad breath odors.

When you pets explore their world, they use their mouths. Depending on their environment, this can lead to bad breath, red or bleeding gums, tartar build up or loose teeth. Oxyfresh Pet Gel is a soothing blend of Oxygene and Aloe Vera, formulated to heal, condition and deodorize your pets mouth. It can also be used on open wounds and abrasions. You can use the gel as a pet toothpaste or simply rub it on to your pets gum line.

Grooming Comb
Rosemarie's Grooming Comb - $9.00
as used at YTNR Yorkie Ball Grooming Seminars


Tierra Barrett- $9.00

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