This web site is dedicated to dogs battling with Collapsing Trachea and dogs who have lost that battle. The work we do is in honor of all small breed dogs who have suffered with this defect. We would like to thank the doctors that are searching for a way to help this life threatening problem in Yorkshire Terriers and other small breed dogs.

If your pet is having a problem with or is suspected to have a collapsing trachea problem or if you know someone whose pet is having this problem please contact us by E-mail so that we can try to help you get the care your pet needs.

CollapsingTrachea.com is a fund of Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc. (YTNR) A 501 (c)(3) non profit organization.

This fund was founded to provide financial assistance to pet owners with yorkies in need of emergency veterinary care for Collapsing Trachea Surgeries.

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This is a discussion group open to the public which is meant to share and educate people who have found themselves facing Collapsing Trachea. All are invited in the hopes of sharing information and spreading the word as too how best to manage the disease.

Information from D.J. Krahwinkel
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Progress report on Collapsing Trachea Study

MUST READ!!!!! A Little Fat, and Collapsing Trachea
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Anesthesia in Small Dogs

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24 Hour Poison Control Hotline

Kansas State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is offering a FREE 24 hours poison control hotline for pet owners and veterinarians. 1-785-532-5679 is the number and the service has been available since 1969. Dr Oehme, a vet and professor in toxicology and pathology oversees the hotline. Dr Oehme offers these suggestions:

Be patient. The person answering the phone may have to take a few minutes to consult the vet on duty.

Call as soon as possible. Immediate attention might save your animal. But waiting to see if there is a reaction could cost your animal their life.

Have any product labels available for answers. The vet might need to know milligrams and generic names.

Know your pet. Drolling could only mean he is thrilled to see you!

Know that the toxicologists are also taking calls from vets about other animals and other problems, including those problems with large animals.

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