Liver shunts cause serious and sometimes fatal outcomes in dogs. A liver shunt, or a portosystemic shunt, is a normal fetal blood vessel that in the womb bypasses liver tissue, allowing the motherís system to filter out toxins for the developing baby. In some animals, however, the shunt remains open after the animal is born, compromising its liver function, slowing growth, and eventually resulting in death of many affected animals. Congenital portosystemic shunts may be repaired with traditional surgical approaches, but a technique developed at the University of Tennessee several years ago implants an ameroid constrictor, a tiny C-shaped piece of metal ring. The constrictor fits around the shunt, causing it to slowly shut down over several weeks. Dogs receiving this method of surgical repair generally have a shorter surgery and fewer postoperative complications than traditional methods.

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Buying a New Puppy? Liver Shunt Test ALERT

Do not buy any puppy unless it has had a bile acids test run before and after eating and you have seen the results of the test. Liver Shunt is running rampant in many breeds of dogs right now and especially in Yorkshire Terriers. Don't suffer the heartbreak and expense of finding you have purchased a Liver Shunt Puppy and insist that this test be run prior to putting a deposit on the puppy. Any responsible breeder will be more than happy to have their veterinarian run this very simple blood test on their puppies. Breeders please start testing your puppies before you sell them. For more information contact help@livershunt.com

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