"The Dink Memorial Fund For Compassionate Care"

A fund set up to help dogs that need extraordinary care in memorial to Dink. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

Dink was born August 18, 2000 to a pregnant rescue Yorkie. Runt of the litter, and rejected by his mother, I carried him everywhere for the first three months of his life and bottle fed him every two hours. We bonded as tightly as any mother and baby.

Dink grew into what seemed to be a robust, healthy adulthood. He was handsome, all six pounds of him, with bright eyes, shiny coat, and a hearty appetite. He smiled, he did his “Dink Dance”, he captivated us.

Dink In July, 2003 Dink was diagnosed with a Grade IV luxating patella requiring immediate surgery. How was I to know when the tech peeled him from my shirt front July 24, that I was looking at Dink's bright little face for the last time? An hour and a half later Dink was gone. An undiagnosed collapsing trachea had closed completely and his breathing and heart stopped after they administered pre medication. After 45 minutes of heroic effort, the vet and his staff had to surrender my Dink, my Little Emperor, to the Rainbow Bridge.

Dink was a precious temporary gift, not quite three years old. Dink was cherished and loved and fussed over every minute he walked on this earth. He went to sleep cuddled by a vet tech and opened his eyes at the Rainbow Bridge, from where I hope he will visit me from time to time until I get to see him again.

In memory of Dink, this fund has been established so that lack of money for veterinary care need not prevent any Yorkie in need from living a life as full of love and free of suffering as Dink led.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Stephi Jackson
Dink's Mommy forever

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