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JIMMIE'S STORY (as told by Jimmie)

Mom asked me if I could try to remember back and tell my story. I'll try real hard but sometimes it's kind of fuzzy. I was born on Dec 15, 2011, and was adopted into a large family with many children. July 11th, 2013 was a really warm day and I thought someone would want to go outside and play with me. But even though there were 7 kids in that family no one was paying any attention to me so I decided to go explore all by myself. I saw a hole in the fence and on the other side....hey, someone big and yellow that might want to play! Well, I don't remember much after that. I must have yelled because the mom ran out and got me and I was in the car speeding away to that hospital. They kept telling her to not panic and calm down because they were going to save my life. Save my life? I was only 17 months old but, boy....I hurt ! I kept hearing her say, no. no, we can't afford that, oh no, I can't bear to look, yes, yes, I'll sign him over. Then it felt like I was going to sleep. I wanted to because there was too much pain. Ouch!!!! What happened then mom?

Mommy Patti said Dr. Diana Jones, worked so hard for 3 hours to put me back together. I had bite marks all over me, my skin was ripped and my spleen and liver were punctured. Wow, no wonder I slept for 6 days. I couldn't eat or drink and had a high temperature for 2 days. Thank you, doctors for the medicine that made the pain go away and made me sleep enough that I didn't care. Finally I was given a little bit of baby food and water in a needle thing. Once again, I didn't care. I don't understand. Nobody I knew ever came back to see me. What ? Oh, mom said that the doctor called a "rescue" and they "rescued" me. It's called a YTNR. Two of the YTNR's came for me when I felt better and took me on a long drive from San Diego to Huntington Beach. Hey, they took me to mom's house. She was supposed to make me better and then give me to someone else. Guess what ! She said it took her 2 minutes to know she couldn't let anyone else have me. Boy, am I glad. I know I'm safe here in my home with mom Patti and dad Richard. I only have to put up with my bratty little sister, I think you know her as Eleanor. Well, you know how girls are. Just because she was here first she thinks she owns the place and is so bossy ! Hah, I can have fun teasing her and I know she loves me anyway.

I know my mom saved my life with all the care I needed those first weeks but she told me that YTNR saved my life by telling Dr. Jones, yes, we will take him into our rescue, do what you have to do to save his life. We'll make sure that he gets a forever home and is cared for and loved forever. In closing, I want to give a big shout and say if it weren't for MaryElizabeth and Corrine there would be no YTNR (would someone please tell me what YTNR means) and I would not be here today. So thank you to MaryElizabeth and Corrine for saving me so I could have the wonderful life I have today. And thank you Dr. Diana Jones for being such a great doctor and putting me back together again. All my love